Vegetarian Resources - Denver-Boulder Region
The listings below are for all known vegetarian restaurants and focused vegetarian resources and businesses in the greater Denver-Boulder area. VegDen does not list natural food grocers or restaurants unless they appear to be totally vegetarian. VegDen listings are intended to include committed vegetarian resources only. (Click "Get Listed" to see what kinds of listing suggestions may qualify.) VegDen may have no reliable way to verify if a resource alleging to be vegetarian is serving nonvegetarian foods such as cheese containing slaughter enzymes or rennet. This issue is addressed in an article about cheese in the Articles section. Phone numbers are not listed here unless a listing has no web domain. VegDen may list websites for repeat events but does not publish dates or annuncements. Listings are alphabetical. All web links will open in a new window. VegDen hopes to have a Google map page in operation eventually, so that you can see physical addresses. If your mailing address is not shown or you wish to share something, please contact VegDen.

Note Regarding "Meat-owned" Vegetarian Companies: VegDen listings currently include a small number of "all-vegetarian" companies who are owned by larger non-vegetarian food companies or holding companies. VegDen will make full disclosure of this with each listing when it is known or reported. A true ahimsa-based vegetarian economy might not include such companies depending on your point of view and purism, since revenue earned by them goes to their nonvegetarian owners who are able to use this veg-revenue to build their meat-inclusive brands. For the sake of ahimsa and vegetarian progress, VegDen recommends patronizing such "meat-owned" vegetarian companies only as a secondary choice or convenience. When practical, always try to give preference to wholly vegetarian owned companies in order to promote their growth and the foundation of genuine committed vegetarian economics. Eventually, as our regional veg-economic community grows, we will probably list "meat-owned" vegetarian companies on a separate page. While most of us vegans and vegetarians, including myself, shop at natural foods grocery chains that unfortunately sell meat and fish, we should try to support fully vegetarian companies as much as possible by being better informed and committed to them. VegDen hopes to publish an article about the "meat-owned" segment of the vegetarian economy in the near future. Many vegetarians rely upon various nationwide natural food chains. One such company is paradoxically known for having a founder-CEO who strongly recommends vegetariansm. But the humanely-raised "happy meat" sold by them is still a product of animals being needlessly killed in huge numbers. Such companies could be seen as taking a welcome "half-step" toward animal liberation since they are helping to reduce animal misery before the execution day of each condemned creature. Fully vegetarian grocers and veg-owned food companies exist. But they are uncommon and usually small. We can change that by being more aware of them and patronizing them.

  • AboveAndBeyond Vegan <> - Scott Clair offers service as a vegan personal chef, cooking instructor, detoxification coach, dietary consultant and shopping consultant. VegDen found this local reeource listed in the annual Natural Awakenings Directory (2014) showing "Scott Clair, "DCRS". Presumably the title stands for "detoxification and cellular regeneration specialist". However (as of April 29, 2014) the abreviation was not found on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines except to link Scott's website. Scott, who prefers to be known by his nickname "EagleFeather", mentons having become vegan by about July, 2012 as a means to more dynamic health.
    Lafayette, CO

  • All Things Vegan <> - Lisa Shapiro's company provides public relations, recruitment and business services to promote vegan products, based on her experience as a vegan and purchasing director for national natural products chains.
    Boulder, CO

  • Almost Vegan Cooking School <> - Debbie Devore launched Almost Vegan Cooking school in 2011. Although the school name can sound ambiguous, a thorough examination of their website shows plenty of photos and info suggesting that this is apparently a true vegan operation.
    16504 E. Dorado Ave., Centennial, CO 80015

  • Beet Box Bakery & Cafe <> -- vegan baked goods, pastries and sandwhiches, made from scratch on-site.
    1030 E. 22nd Ave. (between Downing and Ogden Streets, San rafael neighborhood), Denver, CO

  • Boulder Vegans <> - makers of Beyond Better cashew cheese alternative sauce and dip dry mixes.
    PO Box 1834, Broomfield, CO 80038

  • City O' City <> - A busy inner city veg restaurant having same owner as Watercourse Foods, which began at this location before it became City O' City and expanded into the building's corner space.
    206 E. 13th Ave. (at Sherman St.), Denver, CO 80203 (See also: Watercourse Foods.)

  • The Corner Beet <> - Neighborhood juicery and vegetarian cafe, established in 2014 by a group of women. Open mic entertainment.
    1401 Ogden St., Denver, CO 80218

  • Delectable Planet <> - Recipe resource with nutrition and cooking tips, all from Lester Karplus and Karna Knapp.
    Boulder, CO 80302

  • Denver Seitan Co. <> - Produces a variety of (vegan) seitan products, some marketed as mock meats. Josh of Nooch Vegan Market fame, Mark and Tim apparently founded Denver Seitan Company after learning some ancient seitan secrets from an old wise guru they discovered sitting in lotus position at the top of Mount Elbert.
    2830 Larimer St., Denver, CO

  • Earth Balance <> - Vegan spreads, shortenings, nut butters, soy milk, coconut spread and MindfulMayo dressing & sandwich spread. This company appears to sell only vegan products based on its website but is not vegetarian-owned. As of September, 2014 the Earth Balance website still showed the company to be owned owned GFA Brands, Inc. which appears to have been a New Jersey based company. However, VegDen research found a 2013 Daily Camera article indicating that GFA Brands, Inc was purchased in 2013 by Boulder Brands, whose website verifies Earth Balance as one of their natural food brands, currently numbering six. Boulder Brands includes one or more companies that sell non-vegetarian foods including one company selling products containing bacon.
    Earth Balance, 7102 LaVista Place, Suite 200, Niwot, CO 80506

  • Food Not Bombs - Colorado <> - FNB has a mission to end hunger as well as animal slaughter and all of the ethical, environmental and economic problems it causes. Their volunteers serve vegetarian food to the needy.

  • Front Range Vegan <> - (details later)

  • GoodBelly Probiotics <> - GoodBelly products are made by NextFoods, founded by Steve Demos in 2006. In the 1970s, Demos had an incredibly tiny retail outlet called Cow of China at 18th and Pearl Street in Boulder. It was a microscopic hole-in-the wall sized vegan boutique cafe selling soy products. A young woman named Cathy Farmer operated the tiny cafe while Steve ran the warehouse production. The cafe had about two or three tables and a glass cabinet-counter full of food. The food itself was mostly prepared by Steve at a small rented warehouse space nearby. Cow of China became White Wave, Inc, a wholesale producer and marketer of soy products including high quality fresh tofu and Silk brand soymilk. White Wave was a tumultuous financial struggle at times and barely survived some challenges over a period of about three decades. But the hard-working Demos persisted until Silk soy milk became a thriving national brand. Indeed, Demos is largely responsibe for the popularity of soy milk in the USA. Demos sold White Wave to Dean Foods in 2005, enabling him to capitalize the NextFoods/GoodBelly venture. All GoodBelly products are vegan. Demos appears to be a committed vegetarian.
    NextFoods, Inc., PO Box 17460, Boulder, CO

  • ISKCON-Denver and Govinda's Buffet <> - The International Society for Krishna Consciousness and its founder A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada have long been a conspicuous influence in strongly and actively promoting vegetarianism and the end of animal slaughter for the sake of both animals and humans, toward a higher spiritual awareness. The society, best known for chanting the "Hare Krishna" mantra, has temples throughout the world including this one in Denver. Since the late 1960s, they have continued to offer a totally FREE vegetarian feast at the temple every Sunday at 7pm (after 5pm services). The feast is basically Indian food cooked as a spiritual offering by volunteer devotees, some of whom are local congregation members from India. Nearly all of it is laden with ghee and milk based on a sacred cow tradition and the legend of Krishna as a protector and friend of cows and other animals. ISKCON, through several branches, is active in the keeping and protection of cows and preventing young calves from being separated from their mothers or slaughtered as veal. Many vegans, including some longtime devotees, have observed that ISKCON is still a virtual dairy cult, and thus abstain from nearly all of the prasadam. Some near-vegans make an exception here. The Sunday feast is one of the most eclectic gatherings of spiritual and curious people in the region, including many people from India.
    1400 Cherry St. (at E. 14th Ave., one block south of E. Colfax and six blocks east of Colorado Blvd), Denver, CO 80220
    (See also Govinda's below.)

    • Govinda's Garden Cafe <> - Govinda's upgraded to a 100% vegan menu under the management of vegan advocate Nandini Rossi in 2015 after being a lacto-veg cafe for decades. Hopefully it will remain vegan forever. 'Mother Nandini' as she may be addressed, has studied Ayurvedic food preparation in India and previously launched successful veg restaurants in Dallas and Puerto Rico. Govinda's prepares its meals in the temple kitchen and features an outdoor wooden patio deck. It's probably the longest-running veg-restaurant in Denver and one of the oldest veg resources in Colorado. Check website for menu, hours and pricing.
      1400 Cherry St., Denver, CO 80220 (entrance on 14th Street side of the Krishna temple building)
      - On your smartphone, speak the words "Govinda's Garden Cafe" for map and info.

    • Boulder Krishna House <> - A mini-Krishna gathering spot in a townhome
      1482 Greenbriar Blvd., Boulder, CO 80305

  • Julia's Kitchen <> - vegan cafe and bakery
    3980 N. Broadway (at Quince, in the Hillside Shops), Boulder, CO 80304

  • Krishna Grocery <> - This grocer reportedly sells only 100% all-vegetarian food. (VegDen may have more details later.)
    400 W. South Boulder Rd., unit 2800 (Coal Creek Village Shopping Center), Lafayette, CO 80026

  • Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant <> - This restaurant is apparently owned by a meat restaurant chain although Leaf itself alleges to be exclusively vegetarian.
    2010 16th St. (at Pearl St.), Boulder, Colorado 80302

  • Linda McCartney Foods <> - UK based but locally connected, all-vegetarian food company founded by late vegetarian animal rights advocate Linda McCartney with help from her Beatle husband Paul McCartney who is likewise a prominent commited vegetarian and animal rights advocate. This company is owned by Hain-Celestial Group having primary offices in Boulder (at Celestial Seasonings) and New York state. Although Linda McCartney Foods is still all-vegetarian, Hain-Celestial, a leading natural foods holding company with many brands, owns some meat-producing brands. Most Hain-Celestial companies appear to be vegetarian.

  • Linden Tree Foods <> - Vegetarian foods maker.
    15780 E. Linvale Place, Aurora, CO 80013

  • The Looney Veggie Cooking Company <> - Vegetarian and vegan personal chef and cooking tutor services by Katherine Keck who has expressed commitment to animal welfare as her own motivation for being vegetarian. Keck began cooking at an early age and is a graduate of Nutrition Therapy Institute. Serving "metro Denver" area.

  • Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (Nha Hang Chay Hoa Sen) <> - This is a Bhuddist-owned all-vegetarian restaurant. VegDen spoke with head chef Thuy, a cook since the age of six who was born in Viet Nam and trained in San Jose. She affirms that every recipe at Lotus is made from all-vegetable ingredients including the items on the menu referred to as "meat balls" and "shrimp" and said that no animal products, no fish, no chicken and no seafood are used. They use ingredients like tofu and vegetable proteins for those dishes. Their website further mentions that Thuy and her husband learned vegan-vegetarian cooking from monks at a Buddhist temple. (phone inquiry 2014Ap01tu).
    1015 S. Federal Blvd. (between Mississippi Ave. and Tennessee Ave.), Denver, CO 80219

  • Masalaa <> -"fine Indian vegetarian cuisine". This restaurant has been in operation for decades.
    3140 S. Parker Rd. #8, Aurora, CO 80014

  • Native Foods Cafe <> - "fast casual" vegan restaurant chain with multiple Denver-Boulder metro locations and many other locations in other parts of the USA:
    29th Street Mall, 1675 29th St., Suite 1272, Boulder, CO 80301
    2023 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit C, Denver, CO 80210
    680 S. Colorado Blvd, Glendale, CO 80246

  • Nectar House <> - "raw vegan cafe and elixir bar" located inside Kindness Yoga.
    1947 S. Broadway (one block north of Evans Ave.), Denver, CO 80210

  • NextFoods (See: GoodBelly)

  • Nooch Vegan Market <> - In 2012, this grocery launched via Kickstarter to become an immediate epicenter of Denver vegan consciousness. It may be the first ever Denver-based vegan grocer with a diverse selection. Its founders Josh LaBure and Vanessa Gochnour, who met via Plants & Animals-Denver, are pro-active animal rights promoters and networkers. Formerly at 33rd and Larimer Street, they have moved and reopened at the larger new address listed below on 9 April, 2014.
    10 E. Ellsworth Ave. (at Broadway), Denver, CO 80209

  • Organilicious Foods <> - All vegan (details later)
    PO Box 4903, Boulder, CO 80306

  • Plants & Animals Denver <> - "vegan advocacy" They host a monthly "Neat Market" and vegetarian dinner get together called "CHOMP".

  • Queer Vegan Food <> - Sarah E. Brown writes vegan product reviews galore. Her website is focused on unusual vegan products and recipes, which is just one reason for the website name. The site hosts a blog. Sarah is also author of The Queer Vegan Food Cookbook, now available in e-book format. Sarah is one of the women featured in the book Defiant Daughters: 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals and the Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams.
    Sarah is based in Boulder, CO

  • Rosewood Cafe: allegedly vegetarian cafe operated by 7th Day Adventists at Porter Hospital (VegDen will inquire.)
    2525 S Downing St, Denver, Colorado 80210
    phone: 303-778-1955

  • SolTribe Cuisine <> - Collectively owned vegetarian/vegan event catering service.
    Denver, CO

  • Three Little Figs <> - a vegan project that includes plans for a buying club and was once a grocery.
    Boulder, CO

  • Vegan ColoRadical <> - (details later)

  • Vegan Life Colorado <> - formerly Vegetarian Society of Colorado
    P.O. Box 6773, Denver, CO 80206

  • Vegan Van <> - (details later)
    West 5th Avenue and Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO

  • Vegans Eat What <> - A nonprofit organization devoted to promoting veganism for the sake of animals and human health, founded by Kris Giovanini. Website has good articles in the blog section and lots of recipes.
    PO Box 17390, Golden, CO 80402

  • Vegetarian Nutrition Center of Colorado <> - Vegan nutritionist Steve Billig.
    1590 Little Raven St., suite 1002, Denver, CO 80202

  • VegFest Colorado <> - Large annual "health and environmental fair supporting a vegan lifestyle". VegFest Colorado started in 2011.
    PO Box 72, Indian Hills, CO 80454

  • Watercourse Foods <> - a thriving vegetarian restaurant in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood, near downtown. Founded by Dan Landes and Michelle Landes. (See also: City O' City)
    837 E. 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

More Vegetarian Resources Beyond Metro Denver-Boulder

  • Tasty Harmony <> - Sacha Steinhauser's vegetarian restaurant, mostly vegan, mostly organic and cane-sugar-free
    130 S. Mason St., Fort Collins, CO

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