Global Listings
Some Leading Veetarian Resources

(This page Under Construction)

VegDen will be providing links here to a limited selection of leading global resources pertaining to animal rights and vegetarianism. You can expect we will have about 15 to 25 global listings. Our first is Happy Cow!

  • Animal Rights History <> - This website goes back thousands of years and is simply astounding in terms of what it has to offer.

  • Happy Cow <> - Founded by Eric Brent in 1999, Happy Cow is probably the most popular review site for restaurants and stores that offer vegetarian food, as well as being a diverse vegetarian guide in general. Reviews are user-provided and include ratings.

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals <> - PETA is perhaps the most well known and best-funded animal rights resource and promoter of vegetarianism on the planet. There has been report of PETA involvement in euthenizing shelter pets, giving rise to controversy regarding their core values. VegDen does not know the status on that. VegDen does not support euthenization except perhaps in cases of extreme animal agony that cannot be reversed. Otherwise, PETA has been a great resource for decades.