About VegDen  

VegDen is shorthand for "Vegetarian Denver" It is intended to promote only resources whose offerings are exclusively vegetarian. VegDen does NOT list any kind of restaurants or natural food stores that sell meat, poultry, fish or any of their derivatives. The goal of VegDen is to promote Denver-Boulder metro regional resources that are intentionally focused on vegetarianism as opposed to being simply veg-options. All of the resources in VegDen offer vegetarian food or other vegetarian products or services or have some role in promoting vegetarianism. None of the resources listed in VegDen serve or sell any kind of animal slaughter products, meat, poultry or fish. The goal of VegDen is to facilitate vegetarian economic and social community as a means to further the struggle and ideal of ending animal slaughter for the sake of animals, humans and the environment.

VegDen supports the ideology that vegetarianism is best as an ethical decision intended directly for the sake of ending animal death and suffering. Selfish human health benefits are secondary, although they are massive and becoming undeniable. The greater focus should always be ahimsa and justice toward animals, so that they would not be killed or called products as if they were simply materials. The ignorance of flesh consumption is what sustains a massive global animal holocaust. It is also central to human disease and stupendously vast environmental destruction. Don't become a vegetarian just to change your karma. Change your compassion without selfish worry about your "karmic status". Ignore it. Do the right thing and let your karma be the shadow of who you choose to be.

By patronizing the resources in VegDen, you will not only reduce animal suffering and slaughter, you will also help to enable the survival and growth of vegetarian-ahimsa causes locally. You will also find yourself more aware of who is who within the vegetarian community and meet many people like yourself.

Although vegetarian awareness has grown in recent decades, it is also true that per capita meat consumption has reached extremes in recent years. The animal holocaust is now claiming billions of lives annually and is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. There is thus a huge problem of complacent sentiment within the veg community. We tend to see ourselves as a special little village. But the unfathomable suffering and mass death of animals continues while it also causes astounding environmental destruction. What we need is NOT to be a complacent vegetarian community. It is utmost urgent that all of society, to every extent possible, become rapidly informed and convinced of a remedy that will bring oceans of health and happiness to the planet at every level. That remedy is vegetarianism.

Ordering vegetarian options at meat restaurants and grocery stores can be a good expression of vegetarian choice or practicality. But unfortunately, that money also helps to enable the overall wholesale purchase and slaughter of animals. We should exercise this option only to the extent that purely vegetarian resources are not convenient. In other words, you will do more to promote the vegetarian economic community and the survival of commited vegetarian establishments if you patronize them as a preference over so-called "vegetarian options" at meat establishments.

Naturally, most vegetarians currently shop at large conglomerated natural foods markets that also sell plenty of meat and fish. We do this because they offer splendid vegetarian foods of every kind imaginable. We also do it because fully committed vegetarian grocers are rare and usually very tiny and cannot compete on price. And we shop at the big natural markets because we are usually not aware of the small upstart vegan and vegetarian markets. If we do at least some of our grocery shopping at the small vegetarian grocery stores and vegetarian restaurants, they will become stronger financialy and grow. But it is urgently imperative that we must struggle toward the creaton of large and powerful vegetarian grocery chains and restaurant chains in order to broaden consumer adoption of vegetarian diet.

The environmental mantra of today's natural food chains will eventually be replaced by a higher paradigm putting vegetarian consumption first. Meat consumption is after all the most powerful and demonic destroyer of our planet, in addition to being the greatest cause of suffering, both animal and human. The environment will take care of itself as soon as we stop destroying it. Today, the greatest destroyer of rivers and the biosphere, the greatest waste of land, and the greatest destroyer of the economy in general, is meat consumption. This incudes fish consumption that is destroying not only the otherwise happy lives of fish, but also the oceans. Our first concern should be the animals including fish, and their suffering. All creatures living within the environment including humans, are at least as important as the environment itself.

In terms of the economy, vast economic waste is realized by committing eightfold land to grow plants for livestock animals, largely held immobilized and captive in factory farm indoor animal penitentiaries where they are tortured every second by the powerful odors of waste lagoons under their feet. These lagoons are spoiling most of the rivers and much of the land nationwide in the USA and elsewhere. Likewise, our healthcare costs are greatly multiplied by other people's meat consumption.

Idealism aside, pure vegetarian resources are the scattered exceptions within a vast ocean of meat-selling commerce where the lives of animals are traded like concrete or dirt or wood, without concern for the fact that billions of lives are being extinguished for no good purpose year after year. Committed vegetarian establishments are NOT easy to find. They are small, they are hidden, they are often distant and not convenient. Their small wholesale buying power may make it harder for them to offer the lowest prices. But with a little more awareness and promotion of their identities and offerings, we can promote their growth and popularity.

VegDen is a not-for-profit service that does not accept paid advertising or solicit contributions. The only reward here is to advance the most urgent human cause on the planet locally. Please get to know the people and resources listed in VegDen. These listings are provided free of charge exclusively to genuine vegetarian-focused resources who deserve your awareness and patronage. There's no better way to help the animals, including the entire human race.

You accomplish far more good by giving your money to a veg restaurant rather than ordering veg options from a restaurant that serves meat and has no commitment to animal rights. The money that you spend in vegetarian establishments enables vegetarian influences to expand, thus saving animals from death and/or miserable lives. On the other hand, when you order veg options from meat establishments, you might be sending a good signal that you have no interest in meat. Nonetheless that money enables a meat establishment to perpetuate itself and continue to order meat from butchers. My personal policy is to order veg options from meat establishments (truck stops, etc) only in hunger emergencies or when traveling. I buy my vegetarian foods from local natural foods retailers even though they sell meat. But I give preference to fully committed vegetarian resources whenever practical.

Please support the resources listed in VegDen to the best of your ability whenever practical. You can start by familiarizing them and their locations and visiting their websites. Then pay them a visit and get to know them personally.

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