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Guidelines for Listing Suggestions

VegDen offers the opportunity to be considered for listing, always FREE of charge, to vegetarian resources who are within the guidelines on this page. We will not accept payment for any listing and will not accept payment to list any entity that would not otherwise qualify. Bribes are useless. The two most important criteria are that your resource is exclusively focused on vegetarianism and is local. VegDen must also consider how hard to find your kind of resource may be. On that basis alone, a tofu company would usually qualify easier than a juice busness. But there my be logical exceptions. Also, if a resource or businessis is veg-activist, then that's a strong plus to consider since VegDen is looking for committed vegetarian community members to list. Genuine vegetarian-activist community is a very high priority because that is what's necessary to change human consumption and save animal lives. Just having a few vegetarian products is not necessarily a vegetarian commitment.

Local Rule: VegDen will generally list only resources based within the greater Denver-Boulder region. At this stage, this includes the entire Front Range from Fort Collins to Pueblo with the immediate Denver-Boulder metro areas being a priority.

Generally, there are certains kinds of entities that VegDen actively seeks to list. Naturally there are other kinds of entities that does not list. The best way to lay this out would be to provide some examples below:

Kinds of Resources VegDen May List:

  • restaurants that call themselves vegetarian or vegan and have nothing else on the menu (no meat, no poultry, no fish, no gelatin, etc. However, VegDen is usually unable to verify whether or not a restaurant is using cheese with animal slaughter enzymes or rennet. This topic will be covered in thes "Articles" section.)

  • nutritional services focused on promoting vegetarian diet and do not promote any kind of nonvegetarian diet

  • organizations and groups that actively promote vegetarianism per se, vegetarian causes, etc.

  • vegetarian staple food companies: VegDen will give strong consideration to listing vegetarian-committed companies that make and sell highly specialized vegetarian-important food stapes such seitan or tofu or nondairy cheese.

  • makers of vegetarian pet food (if you do not sell any other kind);

  • all-vegetarian animal resources: In most cases VegDen will not list animal rescue organizations or other animal resources but will consider ones that feed their animals vegetarian food exclusively (It does not make any sense for VegDen to list groups that buy beef to feed dogs and cats since that is more cow death.)

  • hair and beauty salons or services advertising as vegetarian and using vegetarian products and no non-vegetarian products

Kinds of Things VegDen will Usually NOT list:

  • anything nonlocal, meaning based outside the greater Denver-Boulder metro area

  • restaurants that serve meat but have "vegetarian options"

  • restaurants that are mostly vegetarian but serve one meat item on menu.

  • most juice companies: In most cases, VegDen will not list juice companies because juice is a limited product line in a commercial environment where juice companies may come and go often and may be very tiny. Juices are also widely sold everywhere and can generally be found within a few blocks of where you are standing at any time. However, VegDen will consider listing juice companies that are exclusively vegetarian owned especially if they are vegetarian activist, meaning they focus on promotiong vegetarianism by personal and business example deliberately and in print on their promotional materials and labels. To be considered, your juice company should also offer a wide variety of juices, at least 8, not just two or three. I guess the bottom line is that VegDen is looking for significant juice companies that have a vegetarian soul not just a few very common veg ingredients.

  • dairy companies: Except under circumstances mentioned here, VegDen will usually not list any local dairy-centric companies if they exist given that dairy production typically involves excessive cow impregnation (essentially cow rape) to maximize milk production and forcefully weaning calves from their mothers' milk in order to steal it and often leads to calf slaughter. On the other hand, there are exceptions: VegDen may list a local dairy or business that is selling rennet-free and slaughter-enzyme free cheeses, specifically because their consumption is an alternative to calf slaughter. VegDen will usually not deny listing to a vegetarian restaurant or commercial resource using ostensibly vegetarian dairy cheese or other non-slaughter dairy products. The most offensive dairy product to vegetarians should be rennet, aka (slaughter) "enzymes" found in most dairy cheeses. That issue is covered in a VegDen article in the Articles section. Essentially VegDen promotes all genuine forms of vegetarianism with high priority to veganism. But your resource does not need to be vegan to get listed.

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