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Listings and Google map are the heart of VegDen. More to come.

Welcome to, the Vegetarian Denver Network!
VegDen currently lists every known fully-vegetarian resource within the greater Denver-Boulder region. This will expand to include the entire Colorado Front Range from Pueblo to Fort Collins and eventually other listings throughout Colorado. But the focus will remain on Denver and Boulder

New Map: VegDen now has a working Google Map page on this website. (Click from top menu.) Many of our listed resources have no walk-in location. Those who have a street address can ask to be pinned on our Google map free of charge.

VegDen is being created to list and promote only the real nitty gritty authentic vegetarian resources of the Denver-Boulder region and not any of the meat establishments or omnivore grocers that happen to serve vegetarian side offerings. VegDen takes the view that promoting the limited, half-hearted and transient veg-options of meat establishments has the effect of confusing and scattering vegetarians while obscuring the more authentic vegetarian resources or losing track of them.

The patronage of meat establishments to buy vegetarian food may be a democratic vote with your dollar but that dollar is then used to buy more meat and hence kills more animals. By patronizing committed vegetarian resources you will strengthen vegetarian community both socially and economically, allowing the animal liberation revolution to gain some traction. And let us never forget that ending their vast suffering should be our primal cause. Eat like you care!

All of us who identify as vegetarian can effectively promote vegetarianism with vastly more power and monetary leverage by supporting more focused vegetarian resources as much as practical. Understandably, most of us still buy vegetarian food from major natural food chains that also sell meat. We do this because they have so many excellent vegetarian products. But another reason we do it is because we are not fully aware of all the real true focused vegetarian resources that exist locally. Hopefully, VegDen will succeed in changing that awareness. Perhaps eventually we will see the rise of a national all-vegetarain grocery chain.

Restaurants are another story. When it comes to eating out, serious vegetarians do not have any appetite for veggies that have been prepared where bloody animal cadavers are being sliced and stored and cooked using the very same hands and utensils. If you are a long term committed vegetarian, you might abhor eating a so-called vegetarian dish served in an establishment where the smell of cooked meat is overwhelming. Let's get real and support authentic committed vegetarian resources locally.

You can get started by clicking the Local Veg Links page from the top menu.

VegDen was officially launched on Thursday 06 March, 2014. Hopefully, it will become a lot more informative, comprehensive, graphical and photographic as time avails. This is my service that I owe to all of the animals who are victims of the human machine of death, holocaust and stupendously vast suffering. VegDen does not accept paid advertising and is not monetized in any way except out of my pocket and time. I'm doing this only because I care and because I believe in the hope of a better brighter vegetarian future. In order to achieve it, we who care must all do what we can.

- VegDen

footnote: If you are using a smart phone browser or tablet, the right side of the top menu (green bar) may be cut off. Come back to this home page to browse the full menu by clicking "" on left side of green bar from any page. VegDen may have a full fix later.

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